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The purpose of The US Women's Track & Field Coach's Association is:


Section 1: To work for the improvement of Track and Field for women. In so doing, it shall:

  • Encourage the extension of participation in track and field throughout the entire membership ;

  • Encourage the achievement and maintenance of the highest possible standards in track and field coaching

  • Encourage an expanded program of research in track and field in both its technical and medical aspects;

  • Strive for good public relations and communications in order to promote and publicize the sport;

  • Disseminate information throughout the membership in order to improve the skills and opportunities of those coaching girls and women in track and field; and

  • Provide a voice for those coaches in the governing body and in the track and field  community at large.

Section 2: To study the rules and proposed rule changes and make recommendations to the Appropriate rules making bodies

Section 3: To cooperate with national and international Coaches Associations in the improvement of track and field worldwide.

Minutes & Agendas

2021 General Meeting Agenda

2020 General Meeting Minutes

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